Puncture Seal

The Puncture Seal dispensing system provides clean and safe liquid dispensing from bag-in-box (BIB) or other types of flexible packaging. The system consists of a Puncture Seal closure cap and a specially designed quick disconnect coupling body.

The closure makes a positive thread or snap-in seal with a 38mm fitment neck. The Puncture Seal coupling body automatically breaks the membrane seal on the closure cap when connected. To switch to a new container, simply depress the CPC thumb latch to disconnect the system and then connect the Puncture Seal coupling body to a fresh container.
Features Benefits
Puncture Seal coupling Easily breaks the Puncture Seal
Polypropylene and polyethylene materials
Greater chemical resistance
Puncture Seal membrane Eliminates shipping caps and o-rings
CPC thumb latch One-hand connection and disconnection
Pressure: Vacuum to 120 psi
Temperature: 32°F to 160°F continuous, 0°C to 71°C continuous
Main components and valves: Polypropylene
38mm closure: Polyethylene (LDPE)
Thumb latch: Stainless steel
Valve spring: 316 Stainless steel
External spring and pin: Stainless steel


Closure size: SP-400 38mm

NOTE: Contact CPC for pressure and temperature ratings on closure cap.

straight-through Cv~ .95 (13.7)
single shut-off Cv~ .75 (10.8)


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