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              Hybrid (Mini) Connector

              Hybrid Connector technology from CPC eliminates the need for multiple connections between remote tools and a device. For applications requiring a smaller footprint, the new Mini Hybrid provides a compact, single connection point for both air and electrical lines.

              With a breakaway latching mechanism, the Mini Hybrid simplifies the user interface, speeds device setup and enhances user perception of overall device performance. Combining all the connection points into an integrated, proven assembly also improves patient safety by eliminating misconnections.

              The Mini Hybrid incorporates our reliable SMC coupling platform and features gold-plated brass electrical contacts. Engineers can confidently specify the Mini Hybrid for their pneumatic and low power applications. Save your valuable engineering resources with the off-the-shelf, turnkey solution or work with our design team to create a customized solution for your specific application.

              Features Benefits
              Single connection point for air and power connections between a device and its tool/hand piece Increases safety and makes systems more user friendly
              Easy-to-use breakaway design
              Quick, automatic disconnect
              Turnkey solution Reduces multiple components
              Valve on panel mount side         Prevents loss of pressure upon disconnect
              Off-the-shelf assembly Minimizes engineering design and manufacturing effort
              Custom options available Customizable to meet your unique requirements
              Pressure: Vacuum to 25 psi, 1.7 bar
              Temperature: 40°F to 80°F, 4°C to 26°C
              External coupler components: PET
              Air coupler components: Acetal
              Valve springs: Stainless steel
              Panel mount nut: Zinc-plated steel
              Electrical contacts        Gold-plated brass
              O-rings: Buna-N
              Tubing: PVC
              Color: Light grey with grey tubing
              Panel terminations: 1/16" hose barb and two 22AWG wires with 11" pigtail
              Umbilical terminations: 1/16" ID PVC tube and two 22AWG wires with 6" pigtail
              Number of air lines:      1
              Electrical Specifications  
              Voltage: Up to 24VDG
              Current: Up to 3 Amps
              Wire: 22AWG with PVC Jacket
              Number of contacts: 2
               Mini Hybrid Connector
              SMC Water FlowSMC Air Flow Air Flow, 100 psig Inlet Pressure
              WARNING: Pressure, temperature, chemicals and operating environment can affect the performance of couplings. It is the customer’s responsibility to test the suitability of Colder products in their own application conditions.
              Single Shut-Off Cv ~ 0.08 (1.15) max


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              MHQC17000 product photo


              Hybrid (Mini) Connector, Inline body, 4’ (1.2m) umbilical with 1/16” (3.2mm) ID tube, (2) 22 gauge wires
              Product ID: MHQC17000


              MHQC42000 product photo


              Hybrid (Mini) Connector, Panel Mount insert, 1/16” (3.2mm) ID tube (2) 22 gauge wires, valved
              Product ID: MHQC42000
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