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                  The BLQ2 quick disconnect couplings provide ultra -reliable dripless connections and disconnections that protect valuable electronics. Designed specifically for rack-mounted liquid cooling applications, the BLQ2 Series use patent pending valve technology that eliminates drips and is able to withstand long-term connection.

                  Features Benefits

                  Non-spill design

                  Disconnect under pressure

                  Redundant sealing when connected

                  Extra protection from contaminents and debris

                  Friction-free valve

                  Valving system designed for extended periods in the connected state


                  Able to withstand long-term, repeated use

                  Axial engagement tolerance

                  Valves designed to allow full flow even when not fully engaged

                   BLQ2  Vacuum to 200 psi, 13.8 bar
                  Temperature:  0°F to 240°F (-17°C to 115°C)
                   Maximum Flow at Disconnect
                   BLQ2     1.00 gal/min at 0-100 psi; 0.25 gal/min at 101-200 psi
                  Main housing components Chrome-plated brass
                  Valves Polysulfone
                  Valve spring (wetted) Stainless steel
                  Seals EPDM

                   BLQ2                              Chrome
                   Thread Sizes:
                   BLQ2  1/4" SAE-4
                   Lubricants:  Krytox® PFPE
                   BLQ2 <0.015 cc per disconnect rated at 0 psi     <0.063 cc per disconnect rated at 200 psi
                   BLQ2 <0.063 cc per connect
                  BLQ2 Force to connectBLQ2-Water-Flow-0-2
                  WARNING: Pressure, temperature, chemicals and operating environment can affect the performance of couplings. It is the customer’s responsibility to test the suitability of Colder products in their own application conditions.
                  non-spill BLQ2  Cv ~ 0.37 max


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                  BLQ2D3004 product photo


                  1/4" Rack and Panel SAE-04 Valved In-Line Liqud Cooling Coupling Body


                  BLQ2D4604 product photo


                  1/4" Rack and Panel SAE-04 Valved In-Line Liquid Cooling Coupling Insert
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