BQ45GL Series Bottle Caps include a quick disconnect coupling or FitQuik® connector integrated into a cap designed for 45GL bottles. The BQ45GL series feature a hydrophobic packaging vent, polyethylene gasket and a hose barb for mounting a dip tube. Adding quick disconnects to media bottles makes changing laboratory consumable products safer and easier.
Features Benefits

Factory installed quick disconnects

Ensures cap properly seals to bottle (even without sealing rings)

Hydrophobic packaging vent

Encourages proper fluid handling protocol allowing easy disconnections to replace or refill consumables in the correct location

Polyethylene foam gasket Allows dispensing from container while preventing accidental spillage

Integral hose barb

Allows for mounting of 1 ⁄4” ID DIP tube

Temperature: 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C)

Base Cap: High density polyethylene
Gasket Low density polyethylene
Packaging Vent: Hydrophobic PTFE
Quick Disconnects: Polypropylene, with 316 stainless steel springs and EPDM o-rings
FitQuik Connector: Polypropylene


Tubing Sizes:
FitQuik connector: 1/4” OD
DIP tube interface: 1/4” ID

Single Shut-Off


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