Easily connect two, six or even ten separate flow paths with one coupling using CPC multiline connectors. These efficient solutions ensure correct line orientation and come with a variety of terminations, materials and latching options to maximize your design flexibility.
  • DPC2


    Provides dual port connections with one-hand, simultaneous connections and disconnections.
  • DTLD4


    DTLD: Provides dual flow connections with one-hand independent or simultaneous connections Material: ABS Tubing Sizes: 1/4” to 3/8” (6.4mm to 9.5mm)
  • HybridConnector4

    Hybrid Connector

    Allows designers to confidently specify a single connector for both fluids and electronics.
  • MiniHybridConnector3

    Hybrid (Mini) Connector

    Provides a compact, single connection point for both air couplings and electrical lines.
  • iMAR3


    IdentiQuik® MAR: Multiple Antenna RF-enabled communicator printed circuit assembly supports up to eight RFID antennas handling eight fluid connections. Delivered in a removable plastic housing.
  • Multi-Mount2


    One easy-to-use coupling for connecting from three to five lines at once.
  • Sixtube5


    Provides one easy-to-use quick disconnect for up to six separate fluid lines.
  • Tentube5


    Provides one easy-to-use quick disconnect for up to ten separate fluid lines.
  • TwinTube8

    Twin Tube

    Provides one easy-to-use quick disconnect for two separate fluid lines.