Termination Size


        Mounting Options


          Easily connect two, six or even ten separate flow paths with one coupling using CPC multiline connectors. These efficient solutions ensure correct line orientation and come with a variety of terminations, materials and latching options to maximize your design flexibility.
          • DPC2


            Provides dual port connections with one-hand, simultaneous connections and disconnections.
          • DTLD4


            DTLD: Provides dual flow connections with one-hand independent or simultaneous connections Material: ABS Tubing Sizes: 1/4” to 3/8” (6.4mm to 9.5mm)
          • HybridConnector4

            Hybrid Connector

            Allows designers to confidently specify a single connector for both fluids and electronics.
          • MiniHybridConnector3

            Hybrid (Mini) Connector

            Provides a compact, single connection point for both air couplings and electrical lines.
          • iMAR3


            IdentiQuik® MAR: Multiple Antenna RF-enabled communicator printed circuit assembly supports up to eight RFID antennas handling eight fluid connections. Delivered in a removable plastic housing.
          • Multi-Mount2


            One easy-to-use coupling for connecting from three to five lines at once.
          • Sixtube5


            Provides one easy-to-use quick disconnect for up to six separate fluid lines.
          • Tentube5


            Provides one easy-to-use quick disconnect for up to ten separate fluid lines.
          • TwinTube8

            Twin Tube

            Provides one easy-to-use quick disconnect for two separate fluid lines.