The SRC small-bore connector eliminates the potential for misconnection with luer fittings. The intuitive design is simple for end users to operate and had an audible “click” for added assurance of a secure, leak-free connection. The SRC features a unique elastomeric seal with a smooth, gap-free flow path that provides better flow and eliminates stagnant flow areas.

ISO Class 7 cleanroom manufactured versions of plastic SRC components are now available. Add “CL” suffix to part numbers SRC1702, SRC1703, SRC2202, SRC2203 and SRC3L.
Features Benefits
Prevents misconnections Won’t connect to IV lines or other non-compatible applications
Reliable elastomeric seals Leak-free connections
Audible “click” and positive feel Operators know when a secure connection is made
Allows tubing rotation Prevents accidental disconnect or kinked tubing
Pressure: Vacuum to 25 psi, 1.8 bar.
Main component: Polypropylene with overmolded TPE pads, USP Class VI
Integral seals: Overmolded TPE, USP Class VI
Tubing sizes: 1/8" to 3/16" ID (3.2mm and 4.8mm ID)
EtO: Up to five cycles
Gamma irradiation: Up to 50 Kilograys
E-Beam: Up to 50 Kilograys
Colder SRC Water Flow    
WARNING: Pressure, temperature, chemicals, and operating environment can affect the performance of couplings. It is the customer’s responsibility to test the suitability of Colder’s products in their own application conditions.
straight-through Cv ~ 0.27 (3.89) max


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SRC1702 product photo


1/8 Hose Barb Coupling Body


SRC2202 product photo


1/8 Hose Barb Coupling Insert
SRC2203 product photo


3/16 Hose Barb Coupling Insert
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