NS4 Series couplings feature non-spill valves in a compact size, at a great price. Use the NS4 when even a few drops pose problems regarding safety, media cost or environmental regulations. These innovative couplings are lightweight, chemically resistant and easy to use. The nonspill design effectively eliminates spills, minimizes downtime and enhances operator safety. 

NS4 Series couplings are available with RFID-enabled IdentiQuik® technology. RFID-based IdentiQuik couplings redefine what's possible for controlling, protecting and streamlining fluid handling processes. IdentiQuik technology allows the robust transfer of fluid and information to identify device type or connected media, verify line connection accuracy or capture fluid and product data.

Features Benefits
Non-spill design Disconnect under pressure with no spills
Color coding Instant visual differentiation of media lines
Glass-filled polypropylene Durable and compatible with many chemicals
  Pressure: Vacuum to 120 psi, 8.3 bar (see graph)
  Temperature: 32°F to 160°F / 0°C to 71°C (see graph)
  Flow Capacity: Cv~0.6 (see graph)
  Spillage: <.10 cc/disconnect
  Main components and valves: Glass-filled polypropylene
  Thumb latch: Glass-filled polypropylene
  Valve spring: 316 stainless steel
  External spring: 316 stainless steel
  O-rings: EPDM (FKM optional)
  Soft-touch overmold: TPV*
  Color: Gray with dark gray overmold standard
(gray with red or blue overmold available)
  Lubricants: Krytox® PFPE (inert)
  Tubing Size: 1/8" to 3/8", 3.2mm to 9.5mm
  *The overmold material is known as TPV (thermoplastic vulcanizate). This TPV is an alloy of polypropylene thermoplastic and fully vulcanized EPDM rubber. The material is typically resistant to water, acids and bases.
  NS4 Pressure Range NS4 Water Flow
  WARNING: Pressure, temperature, chemicals and operating environment can affect the performance of couplings. It is the customer’s responsibility to test the suitability of Colder products in their own application conditions. Use the graphs above as a guide.


IdentiQuik Specifications

RF Communication Range: Approximately 1”


Interface: RS232 & USB


Operating Voltage:

             RS-232: 8-24V

             USB: 5V


Power Consumption: 1.2W maximum



ISO 15693, 13.56MHz, 112 bytes programmable


Temperature: 32oF to 150oF (0oC to 65oC)

non-spill Cv ~ 0.6 (8.65) max




NS4D13006 product photo


3/8 PTF Valved In-Line Coupling Body
NS4D17006 product photo


3/8 Hose Barb Valved In-Line Coupling Body
NS4D1700206 product photo


1/8 Hose Barb Valved In-Line Coupling Body
NS4D1000406 product photo


1/4 NPT Valved Coupling Body
NS4D1700606 product photo


3/8 Hose Barb Valved In-Line Coupling Body
NS4D17002 product photo


1/8 Hose Barb Valved In-Line Coupling Body
NS4D10004BSPT06 product photo


1/4 BSPT Valved In-Line Coupling Body
NS4D13004 product photo


1/4 PTF Valved In-Line Coupling Body
NS4D17004 product photo


1/4 Hose Barb Valved In-Line Coupling Body
NS4D10004BSPT product photo


1/4 BSPT Valved Coupling Body
NS4D1300606 product photo


3/8 PTF Valved In-Line Coupling Body
NS4D10004 product photo


1/4 NPT Valved Coupling Body

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