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                CPC's plastic quick disconnect couplings cover a wide range of general purpose applications.  Available in 1/8" to 1/2" nominal flow, they feature one-hand connection and disconnection. Integral terminations make the plastic coupling the choice for ease of use and manufacture.

                PLC12 series couplings are available with RFID-enabled IdentiQuik® technology. RFID-based IdentiQuik couplings redefine what's possible for controlling, protecting and streamlining fluid handling processes. IdentiQuik technology allows the robust transfer of fluid and information to identify device type or connected media, verify line connection accuracy or capture fluid and product data.

                Features Benefits

                Polypropylene material

                Chemically resistant and gamma sterilizable

                EPDM o-rings Greater chemical resistance
                Colder thumb latch One-hand connection and disconnection

                Integral terminations

                Fewer leak points, shorter assemblies, faster installations

                Pressure: Vacuum to 120 psi, 8.3 bar
                Temperature: 32°F to 160°F continuous, -0°C to 71°C continuous

                Main components and valves: Polypropylene
                Thumb latch: Stainless steel
                Valve spring: 316 stainless steel
                External springs and pin: Stainless steel
                O-rings: EPDM
                Color: Almond
                Tubing range: 1/4" to 3/8", 6.4mm to 9.5mm
                PLC12 Pressure Range

                WARNING: Pressure, temperature, chemicals and operating environment can affect the performance of couplings. It is the customer’s responsibility to test the suitability of Colder products in their own application conditions. Use the graph above as a guide.

                Based on sealing performance after 72 hours of exposure to pressure and temperature.


                IdentiQuik Specifications

                RF Communication Range: Approximately 1”


                Interface: RS232 & USB


                Operating Voltage:

                            RS-232: 8-24V

                            USB: 5V


                Power Consumption: 1.2W maximum


                RFID Tag:

                ISO 15693, 13.56MHz, 112 bytes programmable


                Temperature: 32oF to 150oF (0oC to 65oC)

                Material: Polypropylene
                Tubing Range: 1/4"to 3/8" (6.4mm to 9.5mm)
                Feature: Chemically resistant for corrosive applications
                straight-through Cv ~ 1.40 (20.17) max
                single shut-off Cv ~ 0.82 (11.82) max
                double shut-off Cv ~ 0.51 (7.35) max




                PLC1000412 product photo


                1/4 NPT Non-Valved Coupling Body
                PLCD1000412BSPT product photo


                1/4 MBSPT Valved Coupling Body
                PLC1000612 product photo


                3/8 MNPT Non-Valved Coupling Body
                PLCD17040612 product photo


                1/4 Softube Valved In-Line Coupling Body
                PLCD17060812 product photo


                3/8 Softube Valved In-Line Coupling Body
                PLC1000612BSPT product photo


                3/8 MBSPT Non-Valved Coupling Body
                PLCD1000612 product photo


                3/8 NPT Valved Coupling Body
                PLCD1600412 product photo


                1/4 Hose Barb Valved Panel Mount Coupling Body
                PLCD1300612 product photo


                3/8 PTF Valved In-Line Coupling Body
                PLCD1600612 product photo


                3/8 Hose Barb Valved Panel Mount Coupling Body
                PLC1700612 product photo


                3/8 Hose Barb Non-Valved In-Line Coupling Body
                PLCD1200612 product photo


                3/8 PTF Valved Panel Mount Coupling Body

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