Termination Size


        Mounting Options

          General Purpose

          For general air and fluid handling applications, engineers around the world choose CPC couplings because they’re easy to use and they simply get the job done. Our broad portfolio features a variety of terminations, configurations, sizes and materials, as well as special design considerations like precise hose barbs, a thumb latch with an audible “CPC click,” non-spill technology that enhances equipment modularity and even optional RFID-enabled IdentiQuik® technologies can help you reduce product liability and increase device safety. No matter what your application requires, every CPC coupling is uniquely designed to deliver exactly what you need.
          • LC3


            LC Series chrome-plated brass couplings are ideal for use with higher temperature or pressure.
          • APC


            APC Series couplings deliver ease-of-use and excellent flow in a compact size.
          • BQ45GL3


            Bottle Caps include a quick disconnect coupling or FitQuik® connector integrated into a cap designed for 45GL bottles.
          • BreakAwayCoupling1


            Safe and easy fluid transfer with protection from costly product loss and equipment damage.
          • DPC1


            Provides dual port connections with one-hand, simultaneous connections and disconnections.
          • DTLD3


            DTLD: Provides dual flow connections with one-hand independent or simultaneous connections Material: ABS Tubing Sizes: 1/4” to 3/8” (6.4mm to 9.5mm)
          • EFC121


            Features a high efficiency valve design that provides a greater flow capability than any other coupling its size.
          • FFC353


            Flux comparable à plusieurs accouplements pour flux de 1,3 cm (1/2 po) dans un corps de 1,0 cm (3/8 po).
          • HFC12


            Flow comparable to many 1/2" flow couplings in a 3/8" body size.
          • HFC3557

            HFC35 & HFC57

            Polysulfone couplings for demanding applications and chemical resistance.
          • HybridConnector3

            Hybrid Connector

            Allows designers to confidently specify a single connector for both fluids and electronics.
          • MiniHybridConnector4

            Hybrid (Mini) Connector

            Provides a compact, single connection point for both air couplings and electrical lines.
          • LQ2


            The LQ2 is a 1/8 inch flow fitting that provides ultra-reliable, dripless connection and disconnection for liquid cooling applications.
          • LQ42


            The LQ4 is a ¼ inch flow fitting that provides ultra-reliable, dripless connection and disconnection for protecting valuable electronics.
          • BLQ2


            Non-spill quick disconnect designed specifically for rack-mounted liquid cooling applications.
          • BLQ41


            Non-spill quick disconnect designed specifically for blind mate liquid cooling applications.
          • RPLQ4


            Rack and panel liquid cooling coupling guarantees a secure, reliable connection and dripless disconnect.
          • LQ63


            The LQ6 is a 3/8 inch flow fitting that provides ultra-reliable, no-drip connection and disconnection for liquid cooling of electronics.
          • PLQ2


            Designed specifically for liquid cooling applications, the thermoplastic PLQ2 offers the reliability and performance to meet your fluid handling specifications.
          • MC1


            Chrome-plated brass couplings built tough and made to last in the most demanding applications.
          • NS62


            Non-spill couplings that are lightweight, chemically resistant and easy to use.
          • Multi-Mount1


            One easy-to-use coupling for connecting from three to five lines at once.
          • NS11


            The smallest plastic non-spill coupling on the market has non-spill shutoff valves that ensure drip-free disconnects.
          • NS212


            An easy, twist-to-connect coupling with an integrated locking mechanism and double-sided non-spill shutoff valves.
          • NS47


            Feature non-spill valves in a compact size, at a great price.
          • NSH7


            Molded polypropylene, EPDM seals and a 100% springless and metal-free flow path provide broad chemical resistance.
          • PLC1


            1/4" flow coupling offers the widest selection of sizes and configurations.
          • PLC121


            Offered with a variety of configurations and chemical resistance for demanding applications; gamma sterilizable.
          • PMC3


            1/8" flow and used in a wide variety of general purpose applications.
          • PMC121


            Polypropylene PMC12 couplings have greater chemical resistance and are gamma sterilizable.
          • PunctureSeal8

            Puncture Seal

            Clean and safe liquid dispensing from bag-in-box (BIB) or other types of flexible packaging.
          • SMC2


            SMC couplings offer great value in a small plastic connector.
          • SnapQuik1


            A breakaway connector ideal for small-bore applications. The compact design delivers high flow fluid transfer in a small profile.
          • UDC


            Universal connection to bulk packaging systems including bag-in-box (BIB), flexible and rigid packaging styles.