DrumQuik Universal Dispensing Adapter

DrumQuik Universal Dispensing Adaptors (UDA) are changing the world of chemical management. DrumQuik UDA are specifically designed for end-user applications. The DrumQuik UDA allows safer connections to drums and IBCs but can also be used with containers such as Nalgene caps and jerry cans with cap-style closures. Universal Dispensing Adaptors are also the preferred solution in applications where a dip-tube will be re-used or moved between multiple containers.

DrumQuik UDA mates with common containers, bung plugs and caps. The adapter ports enable simultaneous chemical extraction, venting or application of blanket gas. A third port can be used to recirculate priming chemical to the container in metering pump applications. DrumQuik 3-Port UDA facilitates easy, spill-free drum changeouts and offers unprecedented flexibility in a closed system for safely dispensing chemicals. Optional system components including foot valves, air filters and vent check valves are also available.

Quick connect/disconnectFaster container change-outs
Automatic shutoff valveStops flow when disconnected
Disposable container insertReduces chemical exposure and messy handlig

Pressure Vacuum to 120 psig

Temperature -32°to 120°F (0°to 49°C)


Main Components: Natural, virgin polypropylene (3-Port UDA uses FDA approved and animal free polypropylene) O-rings: UDA: none, 3-Port UDA: Food grade EPDM (FKM optional)

Lubricants: None used

Coupler: Virgin polypropylene

Spring (coupler only): 316 stainless steel, Hastelloy C, virgin PEEK UHP, PPS or Teflon encapsulated 316 stainless steel (TESS)

Number of ports

UDA: none, 3-Port UDA: three; one 1/2" female NPT liquid port, one 1/4" female NPT vent port and one 3/8" NPT Recirculation Port


UDA: presses into HFC, NSH & ChemQuik Series 3/4" male NPT terminations , 3-Port: 3/4" male NPT

Dip-tube length

UDA: polypropylene 37" (889mm) or 55" (1397mm), 3-Port: HDPE, use standard DrumQuik PRO or PUR dip-tubes

Torque specifications

2" Buttress - 20ft-lbs (27 N m)

BCS 56x4 - 20ft-lbs (27 N m)

2" NPS (plastic drum) - 20ft-lbs (27 N m)

2" NPS (steel drum) - 15ft-lbs (20 N m)

Shipping plug - hand tight

Note: The torque specifications listed above are general recommendations which may need to be adjusted + or – depending on specific application  
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Fittings, Valves and Accessories

2621200 product photo


Reducer Bushing 1/2 X 1/4 NPT (DrumQuik PRO)
2621300 product photo


Pipe Plug, 1/4 NPT with FKM (DrumQuik PRO)
2621400 product photo


Pipe Plug, 3/8 NPT (DrumQuik PRO)
DQUDA3P product photo


3-Port UDA Adaptor Bulk Packaged
DQUDA3PKIT product photo


3-Port UDA Adaptor Kit includes EPDM O-Ring, Locking Nut, 35.5" (905mm) Dip-tube, 1/2" x 3/8" and 1/2" x 1/4" Reducer Bushings and 1/4" and 3/8" NPT Plugs
DQUDA3PKIT202 product photo


3-Port UDA Adaptor Kit includes FKM (Viton®) O-Ring, Locking Nut, 35.5" (905mm) Dip-tube, 1/2" x 3/8" and 1/2" x 1/4" Reducer Bushings and 1/4" and 3/8" NPT Plugs
DQUDA3PNUT product photo


Locking Nut for 3-Port UDA Adaptor
DQUDACAP2PKITPP product photo


2-Port Polypro Adaptor Cap for 38mm SP400 Bottles and Dip-tubes, FKM O-Ring
DQUDAKIT product photo


Adaptor and DQPRODT1274 Dip-tube

O-Rings and Seals

2717000 product photo


AS568-214 EPDM, 3 Port UDA, Bulk Packaged O-Ring
2717100 product photo


AS568-214 FKM (Viton®), 3 Port UDA, Bulk Packaged O-Ring
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