Jerry cans, drums, intermediate bulk containers (IBCs)—you can use our DrumQuik® dispensing systems on virtually any container for safe, “closed” extraction of chemical or food-based fluids. With several dip-tube based systems of different sizes and materials, our solutions minimize the potential for potentially dangerous exposure while protecting your fluids themselves from contamination.


    CPC’s DrumQuik® PRO Dispensing Systems simplify transport and dispensing of this urea-based DEF. What’s more, DrumQuik® PRO allows the DEF packager or distributor to ship a 100% sealed container to the station or dispensing site without the risk of contamination, and the low-cost, integrated quick connect dip-tube system makes connection easy for station or site managers.

    Dispensing Options for DEF

    A critical system component in maintaining DEF quality is the type of dispensing system you use. There are two main types of dispensing systems you can use for diesel exhaust fluid:
OPEN: Dip tube is installed in the container onsite by the end user
CLOSED*: Dip tube is installed in the container at the packager, not at the end-user site. The pump is connected via a sealed coupler onsite.

    * The definition of "closed" is typically derived from FIFRA standards, which define the requirements for returnable/refillable containers used for Ag chemicals under the applicable EPA standard 40 CFR part 165 (Protection of the Environment) Paragraph 45e, which states "each opening of the container other than a vent must have a one-way valve (check valve), a tamper-evident device or both." Both OPEN and CLOSED systems are approved for use in DEF applications.

    Single Shutoff and Shipping Plug System

    A typical closed system will involve installing a dip tube or "drum insert" at the DEF packaging facility. This dip tube travels with the container to the end-user facility. A coupler or "dispense head" is then connected onsite to the dip tube for easy dispensing.

Single Shutoff & Shipping Plug Systems (DrumQuik® PRO)

        In this type of closed system, a shipping plug seals the dip tube during transport and disposal.


    • Dip tube is never handled by the end user, eliminating a significant potential source of DEF contamination

    • 100% closed during critical transport, dispensing and disposal

    • Shipping plug removal wipes critical sealing surface clean of any dirt, dust, etc. for a contamination-free connection

    • Ideal for cost-sensitive, single-trip/one-way applications

    • Well suited for reusable or refillable applications

    • The lowest cost system—more rugged and less prone to leaks than plastic-valve-style dip-tube systems and much less costly than stainless systems

    • Works with standard tamper-evident cap seals


    • Potential to lose a shipping plug—but this is easily remedied by using a tether or keeping an inexpensive spare plug available

    Double Shutoff Valve Systems


    • The dip tube is never handled by the end user, eliminating a significant potential source of DEF contamination

    • The shutoff valve closes automatically when the coupler is disconnected from the dip tube


    • High cost of shutoff valve mechanism makes them more expensive to use in single-trip/one-way applications than single shutoff with shipping plug systems

    • Stainless steel couplers are expensive versus rugged plastic couplers

    • Plastic versions promoted for use in single-trip applications are fragile, prone to leakage, weak in side loading, tend to have a deep cavity in the top that collects contamination which is then "pushed" into the fluid stream when the coupler is attached, and finally, much more costly than closed versions sealed with a shipping plug

Bioprocessing Chemical Management

    Bioprocessing applications also have very rigid requirements for the purity of base resins and material handling and packaging of any product used to transfer chemicals.
• CPC’s DrumQuik® PRO Dispensing Systems are built from virgin, FDA-approved materials
• DrumQuik® PUR adds a 100% all-plastic flow path and clean-room assembly and packaging to meet the most stringent requirements of high-purity chemical management environments

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