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Connecting chemicals and caution. Safety is your priority, no matter what the conditions of your application. When it comes to chemical handling, no one strives harder than CPC to provide quick disconnect fitments, closures, couplings and chemical dispensing systems that protect workers and the environment from hazardous leaks and spills. Our chemically resistant products suit a wide variety of applications such as semiconductor, fabric and ceramic dyes, flavorings, LCD, solar, pharmaceutical manufacturing and chemical management and more.
  • CQG


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    High purity couplings features our patented pressure-balanced, non-spill design.
  • CQH1


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    Designed for high-purity use and features all plastic construction.
  • FFC352


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    Flux comparable à plusieurs accouplements pour flux de 1,3 cm (1/2 po) dans un corps de 1,0 cm (3/8 po).
  • HFC121


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    Flow comparable to many 1/2" flow couplings in a 3/8" body size.
  • HFC35571

    HFC35 & HFC57

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    Polysulfone couplings for demanding applications and chemical resistance.
  • NS13


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    The smallest plastic non-spill coupling on the market has non-spill shutoff valves that ensure drip-free disconnects.
  • NS2121


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    An easy, twist-to-connect coupling with an integrated locking mechanism and double-sided non-spill shutoff valves.
  • NS44


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    Feature non-spill valves in a compact size, at a great price.
  • NS64


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    Non-spill couplings that are lightweight, chemically resistant and easy to use.
  • NSH2


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    Molded polypropylene, EPDM seals and a 100% springless and metal-free flow path provide broad chemical resistance.
  • PLC123


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    Offered with a variety of configurations and chemical resistance for demanding applications; gamma sterilizable.
  • PMC123


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    Polypropylene PMC12 couplings have greater chemical resistance and are gamma sterilizable.