What do coffee, beer and tea all have in common? They create an undesirable mess when they’re spilled. With CPC’s reliable quick disconnect couplings, you don’t need to access a water shutoff valve, use separate tools to remove existing fittings, clean up spills from tubing or apply sealant to prevent leaks. These easy-to-use solutions require no tools for connecting or disconnecting, and they feature automatic shutoff valves to stop water flow, preventing leaks and spills. This makes them ideal for manufacturers and a relief for service professionals. For applications in hard-to-reach places, CPC couplings feature pivoting elbows to help avoid kinks or unnecessary bends in the fluid lines. They can be used with braided, non-braided and copper tubing, and they eliminate the expense of additional parts.

  • APC3


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    APC Series couplings deliver ease-of-use and excellent flow in a compact size.
  • HFC124


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    Flow comparable to many 1/2" flow couplings in a 3/8" body size.
  • PLC7


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    1/4" flow coupling offers the widest selection of sizes and configurations.