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                AseptiQuik G

                AseptiQuik® G Connectors provide quick and easy sterile connections, even in non-sterile environments—a critical capability for biopharmaceutical manufacturers. Featuring an easy to use three step design and a wide range of options—including 1/8- to 1 1/2 -inch sizes and genderless connections—the AseptiQuik family allows you to transfer media easily with less risk of error. Their robust, reliable performance eliminates the need for clamps, fixtures or tube welders, giving you sterile, high quality single-use connections every time.

                AseptiQuik G Introduction AseptiQuik G Assembly AseptiQuik G Best Practices
                Genderless DesignEases integration of single-use systems with universal mating between G connectors
                Robust constructionRepeatable and reliable performance with no additional hardware required
                FLIP-CLICK-PULLInnovative three-step connection process reduces risk of operator error
                Integrated pull tab coversPull tabs act as protective cover reducing covers part complexity and ensure simultaneous removal of both membranes
                CPC ClickAudible confirmation of assembly
                Chemical CompatibilityAseptiQuik PPSU enables genderless connection for a greater range of chemical applications.
                pH rangeAseptiQuik PPSU: Versatile connections across downstream processes with a pH range from 2 to 12

                Up to 60 psi, 4.1 bar 
                Up to 75 psi, 5.1 bar for 48 hours


                34°F to 104°F (1°C to 40°C)


                Gamma Standard (blue) and PPSU (purple) Version: Up to 50kGy irradiation

                AutoClave (white, High Temp(HT) Version):

                One Cycle up to 266°F (130°C) for 60 minutes

                Termination Size:

                1/4", 3/8”, 1/2", 3/4" ID hose barb (6.4mm,
                9.5mm, 12.7mm, 19.0mm) and 3/4", 1-1/2" sanitary

                Main Components:

                Polycarbonate (white), USP Class VI, ADCF (standard and HT versions)
                Polyphenylsulfone - PPSU, USP Class VI, ADCF (AQG PPSU version)

                Pull Tabs/Caps:

                Polycarbonate (blue, standard version),
                USP Class VI, ADCF
                Polycarbonate (white, HT version),
                USP Class VI, ADCF
                Polycarbonate (purple, PPSU version),
                USP Class VI, ADCF

                Silicone (clear), platinum-cured,
                USP Class VI, ADCF


                Polyethylene (standard version, PPSU version),
                USP Class VI, ADCF
                Hydrophobic polyethersulfone with PTFE strip (HT version),
                USP Class VI

                AseptiQuik G Flow
                This graph is intended to give you a general idea of the performance capabilities of each product line. The shaded area of the graph represents the operating range of the product family, i.e. upper and lower values are shown. Therefore, depending on the exact coupling configurations selected, you can reasonably expect values to fall within the shaded area.

                Cv 1.74 for ¼” to ¼” and .19 for 1/8” to 1/8”.


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                AQG33024 product photo


                1½" Sanitary Genderless AseptiQuik G Connector Body
                Product ID: AQG33024
                AQG33024HT product photo


                1 1/2" Sanitary Genderless AseptiQuik G Connector Body
                Product ID: AQG33024HT
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