Termination Size


Mounting Options

RFID Enabled


  • Accessories


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    Combine CPC quick disconnect couplings and fittings with our accessory products
  • AseptiQuik-Sterile


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    Robust quick and easy connections from 1/8- up to 1-inch, even in non-sterile environments.
  • Bag-In-Box


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    CPC offers a variety of solutions for getting fluids cleanly and safely dispensed from Bag-In-Box (BIB) and flexible packaging.
  • Biopharma


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    Biopharmaceutical manufacturers rely on CPC for reliable sterile connect and sterile disconnect products.
  • Bioprocessing


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    Easy-to-use single-use connectors from CPC maintain flow path sterility and media integrity.
  • Brewing


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    CPC’s easy-to-use solutions feature automatic shutoff valves to stop water flow, preventing leaks and spills.
  • ChemicalHandling

    Chemical Handling

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    CPC’s quick disconnects for chemical handling protect workers and the environment from hazardous leaks and spills.
  • Cold/CompressionTherapy

    Cold/Compression Therapy

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    Medical device OEMs around the world choose CPC connectors that improve patient safety and prevent misconnections.
  • CustomParts

    Custom Parts

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    Our problem-solving team of engineers help you design and create the perfect solution for your needs.
  • DEF/AdBlue


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    DEF packagers and distributors rely on CPC’s DrumQuik® PRO system for transporting and dispensing their urea-based product.
  • Drum/Dispensing


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    DrumQuik dispensing systems allow virtually any container to be converted to a closed dispensing system.
  • Fittings,LuersBloodPressureConnectors

    Fittings, Luers & Blood Pressure Connectors

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    With CPC fittings, luers and blood pressure connectors, you get the right fit, every time.
  • FoodBeverage

    Food & Beverage

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    With hundreds of options, many CPC quick disconnect couplings promote health, safety and ease of use on food equipment.
  • GeneralPurpose

    General Purpose

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    Engineers around the world choose CPC couplings because they’re easy to use and they simply get the job done.
  • HighPurityCouplings

    High Purity Couplings

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    CPC’s rugged quick disconnect couplings and connectors made from high purity materials to transfer aggressive chemicals.
  • Hydration


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    For portable hydration systems, rely on CPC to consistently deliver water cleanly, safely and without leaks or spills.
  • IVD


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    Quick connects and disconnects to improve the safety and simplicity of handling reagents and buffer solutions.
  • Industrial


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    Industrial engineers around the world partner with CPC to improve the safety and serviceability of their systems.
  • Janitorial/Sanitation


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    CPC closed system dispensing solutions help reduce messes and slip-and-fall accidents, fumes and wasted chemical.
  • LiquidCooling

    Liquid Cooling

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    Specifically designed for liquid cooling of electronics, CPC’s highly reliable, drip-free connectors keep electronics safe.
  • LiquidCoolingofElectronics

    Liquid Cooling of Electronics

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    Ultra-reliable, dripless connections and disconnections offered by CPC protect valuable electronics.
  • Medical


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    CPC medical-grade quick disconnect couplings are suitable for use in a wide variety of medical applications.
  • Medical-Grade


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    CPC medical-grade quick disconnect couplings are suitable for use in a wide variety of medical applications.
  • Multiline


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    Easily connect two, six or even ten separate flow paths with one coupling using CPC multiline connectors.
  • NSF/Food


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    Prevent spillage, allow multiple disconnections and expedite servicing with NSF and food-grade quick disconnect couplings.
  • Packaging/Dispensing


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    With CPC couplings, you can instantly make connections to flexible and rigid bulk packaging systems.
  • PatientMonitoring

    Patient Monitoring

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    Fast. Simple. Recognized by health care providers around the world.
  • Printing


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    Manufacturers turn to CPC for connectors that turn ordinary printing into a science.
  • RFID


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    Redefine what's possible for controlling, protecting and streamlining fluid handling processes.
  • Thermal

    Thermal Management

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    Electronics engineers rely on ultra-reliable drip-free solutions from CPC to keep systems consistently cool.
  • Sterile


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    CPC’s single-use connection technologies feature intuitive designs that are robust, reliable and easy to use.
  • Surgical


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    CPC quick disconnect couplings help you make medical connections that improve patient safety and prevent misconnections.